Saturday, April 19, 2008

Despite All This

Despite the fact it's a beautiful warm weekend...

Despite the fact I bought the new book A Fine Fleece this week, and it has brought back my enthusiam for casting on something new... I don't know what yet, but there are a few piles on my bed, dug out of the stash, which is a good thing. Go buy the book, it's worth the $30.

Despite seeing Pat's lambs last night...






I'm cranky. Out of sorts. Questioning my role in the universe. Not Happy. The fact I just jammed something sharp under my left thumbnail whilst cleaning around the microwave didn't help. Nor does the fact that I really, really need to cut my hair - it's down to my shoulder blades and doesn't look good - and I hate getting my hair cut, it makes me feel as though I'm incapable of keeping up with the female standards in this society, which is true, but also beside the point. Work is still a slog of unbearably boring proportions. I need more people time - anybody wanna get together and knit? Spin? (assuming my frigging thumb heals) (oh! I forgot! I've applied to go to SOAR, I really hope I get in, I need a fiberish vacation) Weave?


I'm really tired of being this out of sorts constantly.


Elizabeth said...

The female standards are totally unrealistic, especially for anyone with interests besides primping. But still, whenever I set foot in a hair place, I feel like I'm failing in a game I don't even want to play.

A jam under the thumbnail is definitely the kind of annoyance that can derail one's day. Just a bit ago, I slammed my right thumb in the drier door.

Tie your hair out of your face and you'll feel so much better. I can never get focused on anything when my hair is in my face.

Bonnie said...

I hope you get to go to SOAR. I followed the link and read about it--amazing! Now I want to go, if only for the Estonian lace knitting with Nancy Bush.

Want to meet up and knit somewhere? I am itching to go to Metaphor Yarns in Shelburne Falls and today is a beautiful day for a drive. Drop me an email if you do!