Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Progress...

I'm in the middle of everything. I still haven't dealt with the fringe on the overshot shawl.


I haven't quite finished warping the rigid heddle loom for the first of two edging strips for the leftover-knitting-yarn blanket.


I've started on the fancy twill runner on the 8-harness table loom. I'm not so sure I'll be thrilled with this when it's done, as the diamonds and v-shapes in the yellow stripes are not at all distinct, so all you'll see will be those blue shapes down the runner, with semi-random mishmash (as called for in the pattern) separating them. I put on enough warp for two runners, so maybe I'll try a different weft color for the second runner. This is a pattern from Handwoven, by the way; all I've changed is the colors - another in a series of my following published patterns till I think I know enough to design on my own.


My tennis elbow has let up enough that I can return to spinning up the fleece's worth of brown wool I started in January. I've completed two big skeins' worth, plus another half skein, but I'm afraid I've been over-plying. I may need to run these back through the wheel to take out some of the excessive twist.


I still have plenty of this fleece yet to go. I'm thinking of using the yarn as weft in a big woven blanket - we'll see.


Lastly, I do still knit, you know. This is a twin to the afghan I knit for a wedding present last summer. This one is for my parents. I had planned on giving the first one to my parents, but then I met their cat, Binky the Vicious, who quite clearly would have clawed this loosely spun merino into shreds in short order. Alas, Binky met an untimely end, and luckily, WEBS still had more of the yarn, so now I'm knitting a second one.


That's all the excitement around here for now.


Anonymous said...

No wonder youre not're weaving!

See you next week at Webs?
When would you like to go?
Any one else joining us?


Love the runner even tho you don't it's really beautiful. I understand the mishmash of UFO's I seem to be under attack by them also. This mantra keeps me sane,
one project at a time and at times one project. Quite the tongue twister.