Sunday, March 06, 2016

Day 65

Oops, forgot to post last night.

A weavy day!  Explorations in Advanced Weaving, with Laurie Autio.  First of two classes on lace.  Alas, I forgot my camera for her samples.  Normally, I'm not drawn to the precision, small size, and monochrome of most traditional lace, but Laurie had a lovely piece I wish I could have photographed.  Lace Bronson, in 30/2 unbleached linen, mostly, with single, white, 40/1 linen threads that formed a grid over it all.  The white threads were the "crosses" in the lace windows.  Charming.  I don't know who wove it.

And then I knit on the last February Blanket square for this year, or for a while, anyway.  Knitting those squares is too addictive, too easy, and I'm not getting myself to other projects.  Maybe one more session on this square, and then I'll pack it all away.  There are looms calling!

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