Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 79

A day of knitting with a friend has brought Stopover within an inch or so of the yoke.  Fast sweater knitting, indeed.

And I was seduced by singles weaving.  I dug out some old, old ( damn, I did keep notes - they're from 2010) BFL singles, not terribly thin, but thin enough.  Just enough yardage for the warp of a scarf.  I wound two bouts.  I'll size one, but not the other; I'm curious to see how singles behave.  The cone in the middle is a silk (maybe with some cotton?) noil millend.  I'd have to double it for weft for a balanced-ish plainweave scarf and I'm not sure there's enough yardage for that.  Lots of other choices in my stash, though, one of the pleasures of a copious collection.

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