Friday, March 04, 2016

Days 59-64

No, I didn't die and drop off the ends of the earth, although for a couple of days I felt as though I did.

So, to catch up:

Days 59-60:  So sick I didn't knit or weave or spin or even read about any of that.  I haven't been that sick in years and years.  "Just" an intestinal virus, but I hardly ever get those.

Day 61:  Not flat on my back in bed, but not going to work either. Therefore, lots of February Blanket knitting.  (I think it was March, though?)

Day 62:  To work, most of the day, followed by blanket knitting.

Day 63-64: Ditto, but I made it all day at work.  Here's a badly lit photo of all the progress on blanket knitting this year.

See that unfinished square in the middle?  I'm going to finish that, but then I'm going to wrench myself away from this addictiveness and do something wild, like, oh, weave.  Spin.  Pick up the non-blanket projects I dropped about a week ago.

I do promise to get a good photo of all the February Blankets squares some time soon, once this year's output is all finished and blocked.

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