Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 86

A trip to WEBS. Total haul:  one boat shuttle, 2 cones of linen, a cone of dark gray neppy wool millend, 2 cones of very fine cashmere/silk - one navy, one gold - and a skein of bulky turquoise wool with which to mend the buttonholes in my knit coat.  And a magazine, Eucalan, a new tapestry needle case.  I think that was it.

I finished weaving the sized/unsized singles warp.  The unsized selvedges kept breaking; I finally replaced one with the Merino/Tencel I was using for weft.

And finished off the body of Stopover with a few short rows on the back, to raise the neck, and cast on for sleeve #2.  Moving right along.