Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23

Two repeats on the blanket.  I'm about a quarter done.

Starting to weave the rug sample.  Hmm, the cotton yarn is floating above the wool; I'll have to fiddle with the tie-up and treadling and see if I can tuck the cotton among the wool.  My vision is for a field of dark blue, bumpy wool, punctuated by spots of bright turquoise cotton. I'm not quite there.

The sleeve cap fits!  At least, I think it does.  I'm at the stage where I think, "Was this sweater really worth making?"

More spinning of Enchanted Knoll batts.  Spinning, spinning, spinning.  Thinking about what to spin for a deflected doubleweave shawl. In my mind, I can see the standard deflected doubleweave shapes standing bold as usual and melding into each other, depending on the colors.  Rather like the patchwork I used to sew, where the prints helped blur the hard edge where one piece was sewn to another.

But no snow.  I'm jealous.  And relieved.

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