Sunday, January 03, 2016

Day 3

I finished threading, beaming, and tying on the warp for Pat to practice on.  I'm not thrilled with the color combo, but it'll do.

I also finished tying on the wool blanket warp.  I like to let wool and cotton warps "rest" overnight after I've tied the first half of a square knot on the front apron rod, so they do all the stretching and settling in then, rather than as I start weaving. I couldn't do that with Pat's warp (it's 8/2 cotton), but learning how to deal with wonky warp tension is part of learning how to weave, right?

Then Pat came over and we had a yummy, yummy lunch at Soup on the Fly here in town.  Then she started learning to weave.

Meanwhile, I tied up the Norwood for the blanket.

I think Pat is a Born Weaver - look at that selvedge!

I, on the other hand - well, somehow the fold that's supposed to be on the left side of the warp is ending up on the right side.  Oopsie.  Probably just need to reverse the tie-up, but I'll do that tomorrow; my brain is shot tonight.  Maybe a little light spinning or knitting, just bedtime for me.

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Devin Helmen said...

Wonderful weaverey day!