Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 28

SUCH a productive day.

Or not.  I went shopping for buttons for the cardigan. Nada.  I'm not looking for fancy ones, either, just six simple, black or turquoise, 7/8th-inch buttons.  At least Joann's had buttons; Michael's did not.  (Get offa my lawn, you youngsters!)

And then tonight I bought the pattern for Glenfiddich, to knit in the souvenir yarn from Scotland.  My printer printed half the pages and declared itself out of ink.  Well, phooey.  At least I got the laundry put away.

Keeping track every day of what I accomplish (or not) is illuminating.  Apparently, half of knitting or spinning or weaving is sheer stubborn persistence, increment by increment.

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