Thursday, January 07, 2016

Day 7

I knit a little on the cardigan sleeve this evening, enough to start a new ball.  Sleeves are SLOW.

I wound 6 bobbins of thick cotton for the blanket heading.  Maybe I need 6-inch bobbins; 4-inch bobbins don't hold much at this thickness of yarn. Or use a rug shuttle, but the shed isn't wonderful.  Hmm.

I played on Fiberworks to reverse the tie-up for the doublewide blanket - yep, it produces everything the same, except the SW and NE quadrants of the tie-up are reversed.

Now I suppose I ought to go tie up the Norwood with the new tie-up.  Yup, ought to do that right about now.  Yep, I should.

Yes, I'm procrastinating.  Not because of the contortions of re-tying, but because I'm not absolutely convinced this will solve the problem, and I don't want to face more problems.

I suppose I could compromise - do the retying and then retire from the battlefield till tomorrow night.

Some days I hate being a grown-up.

ETA:  It worked, it worked!

(That's just the header yarn, to get the spacing right at the beginning.  You'll see the real weft tomorrow.  Or this weekend.)