Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 31

The end of the first month.

I sewed the buttons on the handspun cardigan.  Only four and a half years since I started spinning the yarn in the Tour de Fleece in July of 2011.  The first of the Twelve Goals for this year.  You'll get a photo eventually - I need an accomplice.

And that means it's time to go full tilt on the doublewide blanket.  I want it DONE - woven, mended, fringes twisted, and washed - by the end of February.  So, today I wove seven repeats, two at a time.  After all, I bought the fleece for the warp in 2007, at Rhinebeck, so it's time to get it over with.

Finally, I cast on for the Glenfiddich cardigan in the Wendy Traditional Aran gray wool I bought in Oban, Scotland, in August of 2015. Row 5 (and rows 2 through 4 are short-rowed, so quite short) is giving me fits, however, so all that's done is the cast-on and Row 1.  Plus several sticky notes and diagrams, trying to figure out where I went wrong.  So much for forward progress.

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